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Our brand name originally comes from the scientific name of our most commonly used raw material. Yes, carbon. Many may not know it, but carbon is listed on Mendeleev's table with the atomic number……6!
The dream bike that you built yourself in our online configurator is usually ready in our store within 6-8 weeks. Of course, this period depends on the current stock and the difficulty of your personalization.
Bikefitting is included in the purchase of your new bike. This is not only to ensure that your dream bike looks great... but that it feels comfortable too.
You can choose from more than 35 color options in our online configurator. Is that not enough for you? Fully custom design such as other patterns or text is possible after contacting one of our experts.
Our bikes are available from size 43 till size 60.


Personalize your dream bike yourself in our online configurator. Request a quote and after approval you will be riding your dream bike within 6-8 weeks!

*Delivery time depends on model and design difficulty.

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